Creator economy: influencer economy, is an ecosystem consisting of passionate and creative individuals.

The market of creative economy is estimated to more than $104.2 billion in size result from the availability of short video applications now days. The movie and short film industry not just only limited to professional producers or cameraman anymore but anyone who have smartphone/camera and the access to the internet can start making their own videos and short film with their creativity and with the guide of editing tutorial across the internet. The technology that have been implemented on those short video platform only benefits a small portion of creator with their unfairly reward. While these company generate billions dollars of revenue, creators only receive pennies from the generated revenue resulted from the flawed revenue models.

Currently the creative economy has a market estimated around $104.2 billion, yet the content creator that have contribute so much for this market have been received unfairly amount of revenue. An international short video app established its own "Creators fund," however it only had a corpus of $ 200 million; for context, the firm grossed $ 4.6 billion in 2021.

Problem Statement

The main obstacles to the adoption and monetization of a crypto economy are addressed by Clictik, which was created from the ground up to achieve so. Furthermore Clictik also address the problem that content creator suffers with the poor revenue distribution from the short video platform provider. Clictik will be the solution to overcome the unfairness that have been happen for a while. Decentralize technology will overcome the problem of fake engagement that have been happening through mainstream social media for years.

Mass Crypto Adoption

According to the statistic that have been published recently, social media have half of the world population as their users, that is 4.26 billions of people. Total population of the world is 7.964 billions people, while the crypto users only consist of 300 millions people. We at the Clictik figured out that the best way to mass adapt crypto in this worlds is by implementing the social media but in DeFi ecosystem or SocialFi.

Poor Revenue Distribution

There are 50 millions content creator worldwide but only 2 millions of them are professional creator and can monetize their work or content. While 46.7 millions only amateur content creator can only monetize their work with brand promotion or collaboration. Most of the the creators unable to make content production as their full time job due to the uncertainty of revenue they will generate. Clictik will get rid of those problem by giving chances for everyone to make profit on our platform no matter who you are and how famous you are. We are giving everyone the fair chances that cannot be provide by other platform.

Fake Engagement

Facebook removed 1.6 billion fakes accounts in the first quarter of 2022, down from 1.7 billion in the previous quarter. A record number of over 2.2 billion fakes accounts were deleted by the social media site in the first quarter of 2019. Decentralization technology can overcome this fakes account problem because it will only allows a person to have only 1 account through the KYC process. This will ensure all the engagement on Clictik are from genuine people.


On platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, creators may only make money by including arbitrary advertisements in their videos and selling partnerships or products to customers directly. Additionally, content producers receive virtually little while platforms like Instagram and YouTube make billions by maximizing ad income through targeted content placements!

In recent years, social tokens have become a popular craze, capitalizing on the diluted concept of community funding. Their emergence is related to social networks' decision to renounce total control over public discourse and platform monetization as middlemen. Social token monetization has previously been pioneered by several businesses and fan organizations, but it also benefits lone producers. The most expensive social tokens are utilized in hundreds of groups with more than 8,000 individuals and are worth over $200 million.

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