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CTIK Profile Picture NFTs

(Coming soon)

Genesis PFP

Blank Profile Picture NFT with Gold Animated Hexagon Frame. users will be able to submit their desired picture/art. in addition, when district 33 is released, owners will be eligible for an invite to create a 3D model character. Owners of the NFT will get a unique label next to their username, eligibility for token and NFT airdrops. Total Supply: 9999
*preliminary design, for illustration purposes only

NFT Frames

GoldxArtist Collection

Artist Collab collection with Gold Hexagon Frame. Total supply : 4999 for each Collection. Owners of the NFT get a special collab themed label for their usernames, eligibility for token and NFT airdrops.

Super User

Transforms a normal Profile picture circle frame into a Blue Hexagon Frame and receives Super User benefits Total Supply : Unlimited Access to District 33 Super Lounge, eligibility for token and NFT airdrops.