District 33 Metaverse

Coming soon

What is District 33?

District 33 will be the metaverse for Clictik. users will be able to jump into district 33 and visit virtual shops, galleries, virtual cafes, and also play games. Socializing in District 33 will be the future, meet KOLs and celebrities without travelling half way around the world.

more will be revealed when District 33 is ready.

District 33 Land NFT

The Clictik community can acquire their own land in District 33 and also build their desire property on the land that they have purchase. The District 33 will be available for all the Ctik token holders as they are part of the Clictik community. But with the purchase of land in the District 33 will give you some privilege, as you can build the property according to your desire and rules of District 33. There are 3 types of property that you can build on your land that have you purchased on District 33. Those are:

1. Gallery

This type of property is basically the same as art gallery in physical world. It main purpose is to display the collection of art that have been gathered around the world. The gallery in the District 33 will be used to display all your content and your NFT collections. Other users can view your collection of NFT’s in the District 33.

2. Shop

While the gallery only use to display users collection of content NFT, shops can be used as marketplace to sell all those things. Besides CTIK marketplace, users also can sell their minted content and NFT’s on their own shop in District 33.

3. Social

District 33 is not just mainly for marketplace and displaying your collection of NFT’s and content. District 33 is a place that users can meet and interact with their favourite creator or celebrity. Therefore users can create a social property such as virtual café or club house so that they can interact and socialize virtually.

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