Clictik Seller Centre

Coming Soon

The seller Centre is a one stop platform where you can create, manage, and post your listings. It contains the full set of tools required for managing your store, marketing tools, and a system that lets you track your store or product's performance.


There will be a list of all your current activities/to do list for your store, as well as business insights on your store performance.


You will be able to see your pending, unshipped and return requests here.


This is where you will be handling all your product listings and check on their statuses

Ads Centre

Here you can purchase ad credits with CTIK, and you can purchase premium ad slots or refresher tokens

pageClictik Ads Manager

Performance Centre

You will be able to check your total sales, volume and your balances here. Business insights will allow you to view the performances of your listings and your store, such as visitors/page views/orders.

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